Skin the color of warm caramel. From under a torrent of cold water, she walks into an embrace of towel and mother. “Hold still,” says the older woman, as she pours a golden trickle of coconut oil into her hand. At once, the air is filled with the scent of toasted coconut, smoking earth embers and visions of sunrises in shades of papaya.

Lufilufi L. Rasmussen


As a young Samoan girl, coconut oil was a part of the beauty ritual with my mother. This is Fa’a Samoa, the Samoan way of life.

The scent of coconut oil, made in our distinct Samoan way, invokes the nostalgic purity of childhood and the warm embrace of the South Pacific sun. I remember love. I remember care. I remember healing. This inspired me to design Misiluki Skincare. The range uses the organic virgin coconut oil from Samoa and only the highest quality natural ingredients.


Loto Alofa – do everything from the heart, my mother would say. She was taught this growing up in the Polynesian Island of Samoa. Sometimes she used words, other times it was the glint in her eye, and the tilt of her head. It guided everything she did.  Smooth glowing skin, a mothers’ gentle touch, a beautiful smile. The natural beauty of a Samoan woman stems from within her family, culture and her connection with Mother Nature.

Misiluki skincare is my expression of Loto Alofa. It is the bond that humbles. Loto Alofa inspires us to live, be generous and love unconditionally.