Certified Organic

coconut oil

Samoa’s majestic coconut trees grow from fertile, organic volcanic soil. The coconuts are ripened on the tree, falling to the earth when they are ready for husking and turning into virgin coconut oil.

Farmers gather the coconuts from wild plantations and bring them to a local processing site. There, they are opened, grated and gently heated atop an open oven. And within the hour, the gratings are manually pressed to produce one of nature’s most healing oils. This oil is a treasure from Samoa. It speaks of a mother’s love, of dancing and adolescence, of tattoos and rites of passage, of healing and comfort.

Coconut oil has been used in Samoa for many hundreds of years to heal and protect skin. Organic virgin coconut oil is our hero ingredient in the skincare range. This oil is proven to have anti-aging properties, aid in skin hydration, protect you from the sun, repairs tissue at a cellular level and provides overall rejuvenation.

fetau nut oil

Fetau is the secret oil of the Pacific. It is one of the most healing oils on earth. Fetau (callophyllum innophyllum) tree grows wild along sandy shores. When the nuts are ripe, they fall gently to the beach and are handpicked by farmers. The nuts are peeled, sundried for six weeks and pressed to produce the oil that is used in the Misiluki range.

Used widely in Samoa, fetau oil is in high in Vitamin C. It possesses a unique capacity to help heal scarring, boost the skin’s barrier function, and protect against UV rays and other free radicals.


Misiluki sources* organically certified Coconut and Fetau oil from Women in Business Development Inc in Samoa, which supports small organic farms that are family owned.

Women in Business Development is dedicated to supporting vulnerable families to earn a sustainable income through trade, tradition and technology and primarily through organic agriculture.

The Misiluki range is also the first premium skincare range  from Samoa that is Natrue Certified. This means our range meets high international natural and organic cosmetics standards. The benefit to you, our Misiluki friend, is younger looking skin plus the assurance of Natrue validation, as well as a skin care range that is helping to develop vulnerable communities.

*Women in Business Development Inc farms are organically certified by the National Association of Sustainable Agriculture, Australia.